Anti-Biofilm Protocol – Monthly Packages

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Landmark Anti-Biofilm Protocol
(Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Conditions)

Anti-Biofilm Protocol – Monthly Packages


Package special (save extra 15%)

Anti-Biofilm Protocol Package (for 3 months)

StemDetox – 4 x bottles
Anti-Biofilm – 2 x bottles
ToxDetox – 2 x boxes, comes with 2 x free StopReabsorbs
StopReabsorb – extra 1 x bottle
Flavin7 Gold – 4 x bottles

Product Description

Anti-Biofilm Protocol Package

Anti-Biofilm Protocol – What to Take:

  • Take StemDetox for two months. Switch over to Anti-Biofilm afterwards.
  • Add ToxDetox when the 1st bottle of StemDetox is finished.
  • Take ToxDetox every second night.
  • Keep taking StemDetox or Anti-Biofilm every day.
  • Take StopReabsorb/Charcoal every night from day one.
  • Drink Flavin7 Gold daily.

Anti-Biofilm Protocol Pack – Product details:

  • StemDetox
  • Anti-Biofilm
  • ToxDetox
  • StopReabsorb/Charcoal
  • Flavin7 Gold

Biofilm is at the Heart of Wellness, Chronic Diseases and Aging – Overview

Our effective Anti-Biofilm Program can outfox the innate intelligence of microbes building walls inside our own body
shares the science behind mounting a successful multi-faceted attack
gives relief where most other approaches fail

Our passion in finding a solution paid off.

Now its your turn to enjoy the fruits of our labor for true wellness.

Here are the secrets in a few words why our protocol is so powerful.

– Overnight Detoxification, when the brain shrinks 60% (avoid daytime detox!)
– The Most Powerful Anti-Viral Approach (hidden viruses are absolute central in the ‘chronic’ healing journeys and our anti-viral toolbox is unparalleled: very high level of Glutathione, Se (selenium), black cumin, bioflavonoids in organic Flavin7 Gold, garlic, oregano and other ingredients)
– toxic synergy and pathogenic synergy are targeted with professional strength ingredients.

Buy Now Anti-Biofilm Protocol – Monthly Packages

Anti-Biofilm Protocol – Monthly Packages


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