Diabetes Smarts In 2021

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The Diabetes Smarts Program

The Diabetes Smarts Program provides people with a better way to live while enjoying incredibly appealing and nutritionally-packed food options in the process

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We Know That Balancing Our Blood Sugar Levels Reduces Our Risk Of Diabetes But What Else Can It Help?





By balancing our blood sugar levels we can reduce our risk for:
Heart Disease
Kidney Failure
Foot Ulcers
Nerve Problems
Kidney Disease
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Vision Problems
Skin Issues

Everything In Life Is About Balance

I realize that the better I am at creating this harmony, the better my life will be. So when it comes to health, balance is just as crucial – including blood sugar levels.

The good news is that balancing the blood sugar – and pushing back the threat of diabetes – is easier than most people think.

Diabetes Smarts is a powerful guide that aims to help people balance their blood sugar so they can live symptom-free. It not only offers valuable knowledge, it also provides the reader with the tools needed to stay healthy for good.

6 Benefits Of Balancing Blood Sugar Levels



#1 More Energy

Fatigue, especially after eating carbs, is sign of blood sugar imbalance.

If our blood sugar is unstable, this carbohydrate intolerance is a sign of insulin resistance. Which means the cells in our body have become “resistant” to the insulin secrete by the pancreas.

This causes stress on other organs and hormones in the body, not the least of which is adrenal stress and higher cortisol production.

#2 Supports Healthy Weight

One of the more common signs of blood sugar imbalance is an accumulation of fat around the abdomen.

What happens is that when we have sustained high blood sugar levels our pancreas secretes insulin to lower our blood sugar.

And when we are constantly secreting insulin our body will send a signal to start storing fat.

#3 No Cravings

Many of our sugar cravings stem from a blood sugar imbalance.

When we cave to our sugar cravings our blood sugar will spike triggering a release of insulin which lowers it to a safer level.

If the insulin brings our blood sugar level a bit too low our body craves foods that will raise it and increase our energy.

#4 No More ‘Hanger’

Hanger is a popular term to describe feeling hungry and angry at the same time.

What people are actually describing is a blood sugar imbalance. The person is feeling dizzy, their hands are shaky and they are irritable indication that their blood sugar is too low.

#5 Healthy Hormones

If our blood sugar is unstable, we become carbohydrate intolerant which is a sign of insulin resistance.

What this means is that the cells in our body have become “resistant” to the insulin secrete by the pancreas.

And this causes stress on the rest of our hormones and cortisol production is disrupted causing us to be feel tired or on edge.

#6 No ‘Crashes’

People with controlled blood sugar levels do not experience the post eating ‘crash’. What do I mean by crash?

Well it’s that moment after eating that we suddenly feel exhausted.

So fatigue, especially after eating carbs, is sign of blood sugar imbalance.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Diabetes Smarts Program

Bob Grant
Georgia, USA
“After getting the dreaded call from my doctor that my blood sugar was too high. After spending 1000+ hours researching, testing, and pulling my hair out trying to make sense of all the conflicting information out there I found it all right HERE! I especially loved the recipes and how to enjoy the sweets I love without having my Blood Sugar spike. This is spot on, and super helpful. Anyone who has diabetes, or prediabetes like I had, should watch this right away.”
Rachel Woodrow
Former Type 2 Diabetic
“I love the series, if this had been around when I first decided to get rid of the Diabetes it would have saved me a lot of heartache and failed starts.”
Carol Kearns
“I highly recommend Diabetes Smarts. I learned a lot from it. I enjoyed every episode, and the recipe book totally changed my life. As a mother, it’s always been hard to prepare meals that my kids will love, and at the same time, will not cause my blood sugar to spike. This comprehensive program is truly a must-have!”

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